Mac Road Warrior

The MAC “Road Warrior” is spec’d to go to work, and offers a list of limited options that meets and exceeds the common hauling requirements of the flatbed operator, hauling common legal 50K to 53K payload flatbed freight. Constructed with M52 or M60 main beams, galvanized coupler plate and 18” cross member spacing with a single Coil Pack. Full length J-Hook Track offered on each side and LL winch track on D/S with strap tie bar on C/S. Contact MAC Trailer for the complete “ROAD WARRIOR” options and rule the road today!


The ultimate strength!

The “ADVANTAGE X-tender” 53 ft. to 65 ft. with a weight comparable to a standard combo with same base specifications lengthens opportunities to fleets and owner operators to accept loads they commonly would have to turn down due to length constraints. Targeting the pre-cast, rebar and pipe haul markets, the “ADVANTAGE X-tender offers great opportunities to handle these special load requirements with ease, plus having the light weight to handle common flatbed commodity loads.


The ultimate flat bed tailers

 Leading the MAC line-up, the tandem flat is recognized as the benchmark of aluminum platforms in North America. This premium trailer, whether built with the M-52, M-60, M-72 or M-80 main beams, is engineered to handle evenly distributed material loads such as lumber, skids of shingles, block or bagged sand too extreme concentrated steel coil loads. MAC has earned the proud reputation for holding its arch under the most severe of loads.

 MAC provides a lightweight, high load capacity drop deck trailer to meet today’s unique and special load demands. MAC’s special process of forming the all aluminum neck prior to the final heat treatment of the metal, intern maintains the strength properties of the alloy and enhances the structural integrity of the design.

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