Moving Floor Trailer

Whether you are transporting MSW or C&D to a landfill, bulk mulch or wood products to a wholesaler, agricultural products for unloading into a hopper, plastics to a recycle center or crushed cars-scrap-white goods to a metal reprocessing site, choose the design-construction of either the original fully welded aluminum sheet & post with side skins to a guage of .250, or the smooth sided “MVP” (MAC Vertical Panel) MACLOCK® configuration that incorporates 2 1/4” hollow core aluminum extruded panels. Then, coordinate the drive unit (leakproof or conventional) with the slat profile best suited for your application. Slats or decking range from the aluminum smooth surface traditionally used for movement of agricultural-wood materials, the high impact designs for solid waste or the steel slat for the more robust aggressive abrasive loads of scrap, white goods, crushed cars or sand.

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